Building bridges between business and IT in the financial sector

Consultancy who specializes in financial dataware house solutions specifically those for regulatory reporting.

About us

Business Modelling is a niche consultancy driven by a shared passion for seamlessly uniting finance and technology. We specialize in crafting robust versatile and maintainable data warehouse solutions, focusing particularly on regulatory reporting.

The founders, Mark and Mette, bring over 50 years of combined experience, leveraging their extensive backgrounds in the financial industry. Through close collaboration and by use of insightful visualizations, we illuminate complex pathways, transforming challenges into opportunities.

At Business Modelling, we go beyond consultancy. We offer education in our specialized field, bridging the gap between finance and technology. Join us in reshaping the landscape where banking meets technology, and let’s navigate the future together.


On the Showcase site, we unveil our expertise through visualizations. Read more about how we navigate complex regulatory reporting with tools like flowcharts and Venn diagrams, so even complex knowledge becomes understandable.

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